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Dryer Vent Services Morrisville

Planning the airflow of your dryer is important. Dryer ducts needs to release the air outside. Letting out the air must move in one direction or with minimal turns for it to function properly. Venting to the insides of the house  leads to inefficient drying and humidity that can harm the home. It can moreover increment a fire hazard due to the heat. Have a professional to come over and check your dryer vent hose and the entire ventilation system. We are here to make the necessary repairs and replacements. Always be vigilant! Whenever you notice a change in your home, give us a call. 


Your dryer's motor works harder with clogged vents, causing you higher energy and maintenance expenses


The combination of hot air and lint build up inside your dryer vent creates a serious dryer fire risk


When a dryer's ventilation system is clogged with lint, it will take it longer than normal to fully dry your clothes


Your dryer won't operate efficiently with clogged vents. Overtime it can cause it to break down prematurely

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

What kind of person cleans dryer vents?

The professionals that specializes in cleaning dryer vents are called HVAC specialists. They are highly trained and have the right set of tools to do the job pleasant and effortless.

How often should dryer lint trap be cleaned?

Lint traps or sometimes called lint catchers would be wiped clean before and after everything loads of laundry that you do in your dryer. It’s highly recommend by the Fire Administration, specially in the U.S.

Why is dryer vent cleaning so expensive?

The usual scenario why this is happening is due to the excessive debris. The more debris, the longer time is needed for the HVAC specialists to do their work.

How long does it take to clean a dryer vent?

It’s different for every household however it usually take about an hour to do so. It could take longer when it comes to commercial properties due to the size and amount of dryer vents that needs to be cleaned.