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A veteran-owned business specializing 100% in dryer vent cleaning & repair. We use industry leading equipment and techniques, specifically designed to improve your dryers performance and help prevent dangerous dryer fires. 


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Dryer Vent Services Cary NC

Want your dryer to last you for years to come without burning the house down (literally)? If so, then you need to consider having your dryer vents taken a look at by a professional every year. There a literally thousands of clothes dryer fires happening throughout the United States each year. The sad part is that almost all of them could have been prevented if the homeowner would have gotten a simple annual inspection of their dryer vents. During each dryer vent cleaning, we not only remove flammable lint trapped inside your vents, we will also inspect your dryer vent hose installation and the entire ventilation system to ensure that your dryer can allow heat and moisture safely exit your home during use. Aside from making necessary part repairs and replacements, we will even safely remove the occasional bird nest that your dryer vent was hosting (we’re serious, it really does happen). 

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Your dryer's motor works harder with clogged vents, causing you higher energy and maintenance expenses


The combination of hot air and lint build up inside your dryer vent creates a serious dryer fire risk


When a dryer's ventilation system is clogged with lint, it will take it longer than normal to fully dry your clothes


Your dryer won't operate efficiently with clogged vents. Overtime it can cause it to break down prematurely

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Why is it important to clean dryer vents?

Cleaning the vent regularly will help ensure that your clothes are being dried in a timely manner and you aren’t wasting unnecessary energy. Extended drying times can even cause strain on your fabrics. A dryer that continues to run with a clogged vent can cause internal problems that require repairs.

Is it worth cleaning dryer vent?

Over months and years, lint can accumulate in these ducts and mix with hot air and ignite, creating a fire hazard. Every year, dryer duct fires cause $35 million in damages, hundreds of injuries and even deaths. … Experts recommend you clean out your dryer ducts twice a year

Does cleaning dryer vent make dryer work better?

This means cleaning the dryer vents saves energy, money, and time all at once. Fewer Repair Needs: Clogged dryer vents that make dryers run longer can increase wear and tear on the system, potentially leading to more frequent repair needs. But with clean vents the dryer can operate exactly as it was designed.

How often should dryer vents be professionally cleaned?

Cleaning out the dryer vent might seem simple enough to be a “do it yourself” job, but calling in an HVAC specialist is often necessary to get the best results. Most homeowners will diligently clean their dryer’s lint screen before putting in a new load of clothes.